Officially Authorized WeChat payment service provider

Quick Pay /QR Code Payment /In-App Payment /In-App Web-based Payment

Yuansfer with Beijing Empyrean payment application process: 1. Simple application with short processing approval times. 2. WeChat marketing support included (including official WeChat Lucky Money and official WeChat incentives). 3. Lower payment processing fees.

WeChat fast payment function features: easy to use, convenient payment, real-time settlement of funds security, support for multi-store management. Suitable for any industry offline cashier scenario application.

The old general WeChat payment process: 1. Registration and certification of WeChat merchant account 2. Obstacle laden WeChat payment application 3. Extremely long processing times 4. Lots of exclusions preventing processing approval.

  WeChat pays the special merchants to open the required information:
  Application opening conditions: company or individual industrial and commercial households

  1. Scanned business license;
  2. Scanning of the front and back of the legal person's ID card;
  3. Contact name, mobile phone number;
  4, commonly used mailboxes;
  5, customer service phone (WeChat official review personnel will call back to confirm the power, unable to connect will lead to application rejection; mobile phone or landline);
  6. Account settlement information (company or individual bank account opening bank; bank account name; account bank account number).
  The settlement rate (3.6%), the special business category rate is different, and the settlement period is real-time settlement to the basic account.